Dog Bed Conversion | A Cat Approved Variation

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A gift from a neighbor, a lover of pets, with 3 Dogs all her own, brought an early Christmas Gift, for our dog Annie. It was a gently used dog bed shaped as a bone, as her own dogs have enough beds. Initially Annie – Sniffed it checked it out and then walked away. Seeing as it was something new our dog usually likes to check it out beforehand and check it out time and again before she would settle down and make it her own.

The big difference is though, the fact that she is also competing with our youngest cat, Mona, who has a tendency to take initiative more then wait and wait. This new bed was the same, though Annie was trying to take the time to check it out, our little feline decided she would go check it out. After it passed her initial inspection she passed it up at first but then returned to it, this time kneading and forming it to her own personal preference. As cat’s tend to do when they like something, once it was formed to her specifications she decided to nap in it. Later since she has an interest in boxes, to a point where every single box that comes through this house she needs to inspect we moved the bed to a recent box addition. Forming it once again she happily decided that was exactly what she was looking for and since then has slept in that box mounted dog bone bed every night since.

Since Annie did not claim it apparently mona claimed it for herself, now unless that bed is relocated out of the box, I do believe Annie will not have another chance to test it, but since no one knows the future there can only be guesses. Far as mona understands this box mounted dog bone bed is just what the tortoise shell kitty ordered.


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