Mona | Ready for the Day

She has her coffee & cell phone – ready for a full day haha. For the halibut, I wanted to share. Yet the funny thing is cats and pets don’t have to deal with more then half the things we humans of this earth need to deal with when things are so based on green paper with dead presidents on it. They don’t worry about working, dealing with office politics, or bills that need to be paid or visits to the vets, their primary focus becomes more about naps, sleeping and bathing, they live such a simple life while we run from place to place trying to make it through the next day or month with some money to spare.

Pet’s are truly amazing characters, willing to be in a fun shot as long as you give them love all the rest of the time.
Raymond Marr


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An Avid Cyclist | Bicycling Advocate | Dream Journalist | Animal Caretaker | Open Source Promoter | And imparter of Knowledge.
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