Why reward a Dog when Barks to Much?

Is it really the clear denseness of the mind that a person will compliment and reward a dog for excessive aggression? And then to try and say later that is just what the dog does instinctively when in reality the dog gets praise for something she is not supposed to do and as a result continues much of the same, barking loudly and overly aggressively because she is rewarded for something she should not be reward for.

Putting it in more simple terms, a dog repeats what they are praised for, sometimes for the better but other times for the worst. It is certainly why a dog that would otherwise be amiable, and friendly is turned into a machine of hate where all things and people that come by are considered a threat, and as such apparently warrant the loud barking and lunging towards the people because that is exactly what has been reinforced and understood by the dog to be what the owner wants. The problem arises when the result is a wreathing and frustrated dog lacking affection and only put outside to ward off any and everyone becoming a threat to the surrounding society if not kept well locked up.

Sadly this is often the plight of an animal, a dog in particular if there are not steps taken to change the circumstance and improve the mannerisms of the same dog. All it takes is a basic understanding that the dog wants to do all he/she can to make you happy and they do without passing judgment or challenging what you tell them once they have learned. Which is where the next idea comes into play, why not train your dog to be the loving animal they can be why would you promote aggressiveness or impulse response to anything that walks by?  Considering that the real person who will be affected is yourself, when a dog is out of control and barks at all hours of the day or night and breaks screens because she so badly feels she should have full reign of the surrounding area, perhaps then you could consider that to make a change will be more difficult now since the dog is no longer amiable and in fact shows some of the traits of a pack lead in doing what they want because they were never told otherwise, there response was to often rewarded and as a result the dog is out of control. Instead why not make the choice now to consider what you really want to accomplish with the dog and provide that dog the accommodations while remaining in control of your own house.


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