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Pets loved and lost but never forgotten. Continue reading

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Why reward a Dog when Barks to Much?

Is it really the clear denseness of the mind that a person will compliment and reward a dog for excessive aggression? And then to try and say later that is just what the dog does instinctively when in reality the … Continue reading

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Mona | Ready for the Day

She has her coffee & cell phone – ready for a full day haha. For the halibut, I wanted to share. Yet the funny thing is cats and pets don’t have to deal with more then half the things we … Continue reading

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Mona With Cell phone

Our little cat Mona with my cellphone, a fun shot with a side of humour. Cats do have a tendency to act like humans in some things but not all. It’s fun and enjoyable don’t you think? —- Raymond Marr … Continue reading

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Calico Beauty | Fun Shot

It’s a wonderful thing when our pets present the most enjoyable poses that when timed just right become fun and amazing shots.This was one of those fun times and fortunately just got the shot. —- Raymond Marr

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Dog Bed Conversion | A Cat Approved Variation

A gift from a neighbor, a lover of pets, with 3 Dogs all her own, brought an early Christmas Gift, for our dog Annie. It was a gently used dog bed shaped as a bone, as her own dogs have … Continue reading

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Twitter – A New Photo, A New Start.

The importance of change, from a picture of a cat, an inspiration, a momentarily glimpse into what is next in the ongoing experience that is life. Continue reading

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