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Pets loved and lost but never forgotten. Continue reading

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Twitter – A New Photo, A New Start.

The importance of change, from a picture of a cat, an inspiration, a momentarily glimpse into what is next in the ongoing experience that is life. Continue reading

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Independence of A Cat – Smart Animals

Felines are a very wise creature – they know that it is possible to get away with much when there is no one paying attention. Though they also offer unconditional love the quirks of their personalities unique in and of itself. Continue reading

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Playing with Your Cat – Improves Health decreasing stress.

The wonders of a cat and how playing with them can help your health. Continue reading

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Escape the Sensory Overload of Society – Reconnect with Nature.

“When we understand that man is the only animal who must create meaning, who must open a wedge into neutral nature, we already understand the essence of love. Love is the problem of an animal who must find life, create a dialogue with nature in order to experience his own being.”

~ Ernest Becker Continue reading

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The Author and Their Cat ~ Love From Knatchwa

To recognize, that a cat, in their silence can be beneficial to an author, to help that author put his thoughts on paper, to take the time to enter a meditative state from the simple sound of the cat purring, the silence that is found except for that, and the deeper consciousness that results. Continue reading

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