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Why reward a Dog when Barks to Much?

Is it really the clear denseness of the mind that a person will compliment and reward a dog for excessive aggression? And then to try and say later that is just what the dog does instinctively when in reality the … Continue reading

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Biking with your dog – It Can Be Done.

Biking and your Dog – How the two of you can enjoy the trail together and in taking the steps before hand you can also do it safely and be ready to go the next day. Continue reading

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Nature as One ~ To Reconnect with the Past.

Nature, and how sentient beings, animal and human alike, can reconnect with a history that is not forgotten but instead, only no longer at the forefront of the mind. To remember that we originated in nature not in this commercialized world, that the Mountains, the trails and the back roads that still are in there most natural form can enable each to go and remember by experience. Some steps offered to reconnect with what may otherwise be lost, the wonder of nature and the land we live in. Continue reading

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Naps – How Important ~ A Cat Who Knows.I

Naps, are probably one of the most important things for a person to do in this day and age, as necessary it is with Sensory Overload as a constant, battle to balance sleep with productivity. Some tips of making a change to nap more then work better. Continue reading

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