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Calico Beauty | Fun Shot

It’s a wonderful thing when our pets present the most enjoyable poses that when timed just right become fun and amazing shots.This was one of those fun times and fortunately just got the shot. —- Raymond Marr http://blog.homeofknatchwa.net http://facebook.com/raymond.marr http://helium.com/users/224664Continue reading

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Dog Bed Conversion | A Cat Approved Variation

A gift from a neighbor, a lover of pets, with 3 Dogs all her own, brought an early Christmas Gift, for our dog Annie. It was a gently used dog bed shaped as a bone, as her own dogs have … Continue reading

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Pit Bull’s and Bad Raps

When you hear about Pit Bulls, what are the first thoughts on your mind? Sadly most of the thoughts in relation to Pit Bulls, are of a negative sort. Usually a direct result of all the Bad Press, that gives Pit Bull’s a bad rap. Continue reading

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Biking with your dog – It Can Be Done.

Biking and your Dog – How the two of you can enjoy the trail together and in taking the steps before hand you can also do it safely and be ready to go the next day. Continue reading

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Do Children Need Pets? Why They Are Beneficial?

Do Children need Pets? How are they beneficial what can they offer to a child, and how can they co exist peacefully? Continue reading

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